The Journal welcomes articles, comments, case notes, and book reviews concerning all aspects of maritime law, including the international law of the sea. Although the emphasis is on significant current issues, historical, theoretical, and other treatments of these subjects are also accepted.

Except under unusual circumstances, it is the policy of the Journal not to publish material which has already appeared in, or is scheduled to appear in, other publications. Accordingly, any manuscript must be submitted on the understanding that the Journal has the exclusive right to publish it, and that the author will not submit it to other publications without first notifying the Editor that he or she intends to do so if it is not accepted by the Journal within a specific period following the date of the notice. If and when a manuscript is accepted it becomes the property of the Journal, and all copyrights will be taken out in the name of Jefferson Law Book Company. The publisher requires that each author sign the publisher's form of copyright transfer agreement, failing which a work will not be published. If the author has previously copyrighted the manuscript, acceptance for publication in the Journal will constitute an assignment of the copyright to Jefferson Law Book Company.

The general style of materials submitted for publication will best be understood by examining a recent issue of the Journal. All citations of cases, including those mentioned in the text, should be placed in the footnotes. Names of cases and other authorities (except statutes and treaties) should be italicized in the text, but not in the footnotes. Otherwise, citations should follow the style rules of the current edition of A Uniform System of Citation (the "Blue Book"), with the addition of citations to American Maritime Cases (AMC).  The Journal is one of those law reviews alluded to in Rule 2.1 of the Blue Book: neither italics nor large and small capitals are used for citations in the Journal.  Italics are generally eschewed, except in quotations in which the quoted author has used italics, or where the manuscript's author wishes to use them for emphasis.

The entire manuscript, including footnotes, should be typed, double spaced, on one side only of letter-sized paper. Quotations of fifty or more words should be presented in block form, i.e., indented left and right and without quotation marks.  If there are charts, diagrams, or tables, the manuscript should indicate where they are to appear. The author should check all citations and quotations carefully before submitting the manuscript, as the Journal does not check the accuracy of cites and quotes.

The complete title of a manuscript, followed by the author's name and address, should be typed on the first page, and the text should start on the second page. A brief curriculum vitae of not more than four lines should be included as a first, unnumbered footnote. It will be helpful if the author suggests (on a separate sheet of paper) an abbreviated title to be used as a running head.

Whenever possible, manuscripts should be submitted in duplicate, and in any event the author should be sure to retain a copy, as a safeguard against possible loss. Manuscripts that are not accepted will not be returned unless the author so requests and includes a self addressed envelope for that purpose. Manuscripts created in Microsoft Word © or Corel WordPerfect © may be tendered as attachments to email addressed to the Editor. 

Authors of accepted manuscripts will be afforded, prior to publication, an opportunity to react to editorial changes.  The edited version of the manuscript should be carefully reviewed and corrections communicated promptly to the Editor, so that publication is not delayed.. 

Articles should be sent to:

Kevin O'Donovan
Palmer Biezup & Henderson LLP
190 N. Independence Mall West, Suite 401
Philadelphia, PA 19106
TEL: (215) 625-7810
FAX: (215) 625-0185

Books for review should be sent to:

Prof. Michael F. Sturley
University of Texas
School of Law
727 East Dean Keeton Street
Austin, TX 78705-3299
TEL: (512) 232-1350
FAX: (512) 471-6988